Hospitals and Clinics

UV-C Sanitizing Charging Lockers

UV-C refers to Ultraviolet Light with Wavelengths between 200 – 280 nano-meters (nm). Light in the UV-C wavelength can be used for sterilizing surfaces and destroying harmful micro-organisms.


Cells phones are notorious for carrying nasty germs and dangerous bacteria, our Ultraviolet Light Modules Kill 99% of these Germs and Bacteria along with a Safety Mechanism that protects User From Direct Exposure to UV-C Rapidly.

Wireless Charging Furniture

Now you can bring the convenience of wireless charging to your lobby, clinics area, office, and just about any waiting room or lounge area where your patients and their families gather.  These tables are not only functional, they’re stunning – with matching bases and Corian Surfaces.

Smart Solar E-Tables

With an innovative concept incorporating renewable energy
technology, Our Smart Solar E- Tables provide a convenient and modern method of charging your electronic devices inside your common areas through artificial light.
Wireless Charging without any cables or plugs, just put your device on the glass and the mobile phone starts charging automatically.

Charging Lockers

The Charging Lockers provide secure and reliable charging solutions that keep guests, attendees and customers fully charged and easily connected at waiting areas and common venues.

Our Charging Lockers are used in many applications to enhance
customer affinity and provide an outstanding opportunity to
increase brand exposure, while providing a much-needed amenity.

Wall Mounted Charging Lockers

This versatile charging solution can be easily mounted to any wall. The Lockers can be provided with one shelf or two and lockers, open charging bays or a combination of both. The units also feature a built-in 19” HD Monitor for advertising messages. Our Lockers are User-friendly and easily transportable.

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