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Charging Tables

Our most popular charging station, an attractive, ultra-sturdy charging table are ideal for almost any situation. Heavy, round tempered glass tabletops with spill proof edges. It has multiple areas for customized branding which make these tables perfect for your restaurants, bars, events halls and meeting rooms.

Comes with many different charging options, with wires or wireless. 

Tabletop Charging Lockers

This easily portable charging solution can sit on a table or be mounted to any wall. It can be purchased with one shelf or two and lockers, open charging bays or a combination of both. The colorful LED lights and the back-lit sponsor section make this unit one of our most attractive models. An optional 19″ HD Monitor offers further advertising space to display your sponsor’s branding or content.

Wall Mounted Charging Lockers

This versatile charging solution can be easily mounted to any wall. The Lockers can be provided with one shelf or two and lockers, open charging bays or a combination of both. The units also feature a built-in 19” HD Monitor for advertising messages. Our Lockers are User-friendly and easily transportable.

Wireless Charging Furniture

Now you can bring the convenience of wireless charging to your rooms, lobby, reception area, offices, and just about any waiting room or lounge area where your guests gather.  These tables are not only functional, they’re stunning – with matching bases and Corian Surfaces.

Smart Solar E-Tables

With an innovative concept incorporating renewable energy
technology, Our Smart Solar E- Tables provide a convenient and modern method of charging electronic devices inside your hotel rooms. lobby, reception and events area through artificial light.
Wireless Charging without any cables or plugs, just put your device on the glass and the mobile phone starts charging automatically.

Easy-Fix Solar Garden Light

Our wide range of Easy-Fix Solar lighting is one-of-kind, with different models that suit all styles and requirements, from ground fixed to wall hung, you will find many options to suit all your green areas, beach, pool areas and other outdoors areas installation-free and energy-free lighting needs.

Portable Solar Tables

The Portable Solar Tables are original and innovative products that recharge the batteries of all mobile electronic devices and can also power all electric and electronic devices including lighting.

Keep your guests always charged and connected while enjoying their time at your hotel's rooms, suits, villas or common areas.

Charging Lockers

The Charging Lockers provide secure and reliable charging solutions that keep guests, attendees and customers fully charged and easily connected at major events and popular venues.

Our Charging Lockers are used in many applications to enhance
customer affinity and provide an outstanding opportunity to
increase brand exposure, while providing a much-needed amenity.

Solar Charging Lockers

Our NEW state-of-the-art Solar Powered Charging Lockers are innovative solar powered designs that eliminate the need for an electrical power supply in your resort outdoors and events areas.

Our Lockers are specifically engineered to withstand rain, wind, heat and snow. Coming with removable solar panel and pole, they can be  easily converted to A/C power for indoor use too.

Solar Charging Tables

The Solar Coffee Charging Tables are a great addition to your events, restaurants, bars, corporate lunchroom or lounging outdoor area. They are designed to resist different weather conditions and work perfectly during rain or wind times.

The Solar Charging Tables come with a removable solar panel that allows its use for indoors areas as well.

Solar Powered Benches 

Our Smart Solar Benches are innovative solutions that only work with clean Solar Energy.

For a great place where people can sit comfortably on walk sides of your Resort, charge their devices with USB and Wireless connections, also provided with a super fast 4G internet and with different LED Lighting colors designed to give your area a gorgeous look at the night.

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