GoCharge Solar Charging Tables


The Solar Coffee Charging Tables are a great addition to any event, restaurant, bar, food court, university, corporate lunchroom or lounging outdoor area. They are designed to resist different weather conditions and work perfectly during rain or wind times.

The Solar Charging Tables come with a removable solar panel that allows its use for indoors areas as well.


  • Multiple Charging Cords for all Devices.

  • Ample Branding Space.

  • Wheels, Floor Levelers or Permanent Mounting Option.

  • Adjustable Solar Panels.

  • Battery Backup.

  • Rain Proof, (IP64 Rating).

  • Wind Resistant, withstands very high and very low Temperatures.

  • 1 Year Warranty.

  • Made in the USA.



  • Sports Venues and Stadiums.

  • Events Arenas.

  • Residential and Commercial Compounds.

  • Schools & Universities.

  • Corporate Campuses.

  • City Parks.

  • Business Districts.

  • Hotels & Resorts.


  • 100W adjustable Solar Panels.

  • Battery Backup Capacity up to 12 Hours.

  • IP64 Rating.

  • 110V A/C Power Capacity.

  • D: 940 mm - H: 2,438 mm.

  • Weight = 122.5 Kg.

  • High Quality UL Listed Commercial grade components.


Water Proof
All RAL Colors
Compliant, Tested and Certified

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