CASINI Solar Power Hub



Our Solar Retrofit Power Hub is an outdoor off-grid power source that integrate with existing outdoor bus stations and whenever an off-grid power source is needed to provide access to 100% solar energy.

The Solar Power Hub has powerful capabilities to collect, store and output 100% renewable energy that lasts for 20 years.

Additionally, the Casini™ can power bus shelter lighting and extend local and surrounding Wi-Fi signals to bus stations in remote locations such as parks and stadiums.

Built for outdoors use, our Solar Power Hub is manufactured to high quality commercial requirements.


  • 24 hours of device charging, 100+ devices per day in all seasons.

  • Available with Wi-Fi Repeater & Automatic LED Night Lighting.

  • Supports six (6) USB outlets and two (2) Power Outlets.

  • Sleek aesthetic outdoor rated aluminum case.

  • Built to avoid flooding and performs in sever weather conditions.

  • 5 Years Warranty.

  • Made in the USA.



  • Bus Stations.

  • Public Walks and Seating Areas.

  • Hotels and Resort amenities.

  • Residential and Commercial Compounds.

  • Business Districts.

  • Wherever a Charging Station is needed.



  • Two (2) GCFI power outlets.

  • power up to 24 hours.amenities with 100% renewable Supplies users of integrated

  • Six (6) USB Power Outlets.

  • Dimensions: L:39” - W:47” - H:27”.

  • included.Electronics, Flexi Solar Panel Aluminum Case houses all PV

  • 210AH Gel Battery (Non-Acid)

  • rear or mounted.hung, as well as, anchored on sides, Base can be anchored to ground or 1”Anchoring Bolts.

  • Additional customization includes LED Lighting and Wi-Fi Repeater System.

Water Proof
LED Lighting
Compliant, Tested and Certified

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