EVODIA Solar Worktables



  Our Solar Workstation is the only commercial grade solar table in the U.S. as a vehicle for power and comfortable social gathering, the Solar Workstation provides users with access to clean off grid energy outdoors to power crucial amenities like device charging, Wi-Fi and lighting.

Facilities benefit from increased sustainability, safety and efficiency in outdoor spaces, enabling them to meet the demands of modernization and everyday power needs.


  • Custom commercially built design for enhanced comfort, usage and aesthetic appeal.

  • 24 hours of device charging, 100+ devices per day in all seasons.

  • ADA Compliant seating, seats four (4) comfortably along with two additional points for wheelchair access.

  • Wi-Fi & Automatic LED Lighting.

  • Supports four (4) Sockets and four (4) USB outlets.

  • Designed to withstand high winds, protect users from UV rays and provide shaded work-space.

  • Rain Detection safety system shuts off solar table power during heavy rain to protect users from device damage or shock and turns solar table back on when dry.

  • Custom Logo Wrap.

  • 10 Years Warranty.

  • Made in the USA.

  • Powerful and unique Marketing tool for your business and your areas.



  • Residential and Commercial Compounds.

  • Schools & Universities Campuses.

  • Corporate Campuses.

  • City Parks.

  • Business Districts.

  • Hotels & Resorts.

  • Modern Advertisements. 




  • 300 W Solar Panel & 2 x 210-315 AH Battery Storage.

  • Produces 10,712 Kwh Per year.

  • Fiberglass Canopy & Powder Coated Steel Structure.

  • Four (4) 11V AC Power Outlets and Four (4) USB Outlets.

  • Ultra-Efficient Photovoltaic (PV) Solar System.

  • Wi-Fi Repeater.

  • ADA Compliant, NEC 2014 Electrical Code Wired, BIFMA Standard Certified.

  • P.E. Certified for 120mph wind conditions and snow load.

  • High Quality UL Listed Commercial grade components.

Water Proof
LED Lighting
6 available colors
Compliant, Tested and Certified

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